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Zirconium ceramics

Zirconium ceramics is the latest generation material, the last word of technology in stomatology ,which ensures the fulfillment of the highest standards of all patients. The non-metallic dental crown consists of a basic cap that is made of zirconium and is coated with a layer of top quality ceramics.

Zirconium as a material possesses exceptional qualities:

  • Very high hardness and resistance (first used in space technology, where it is still highly usable)
  • Zirconium is a remarkable material, apart from its hardness, because it has biocompatibility with human tissue and bones, so it does not cause allergies, nor is it harmful in any way to the human body.
  • It is aesthetically perfect because its milky white color provides full light transmission (unlike metallic ceramics that have a metal that does not pass through light). The light of the zirconium as well as natural teeth passes and ensures complete transparency, giving the teeth a natural appearance.

Zirconium ceramics provide a natural three-dimensional look of the teeth precisely because of the perfect reflection of light through the cover. In the case of zirconium ceramics, over the time, the edge of the metal cannot be seen, which ensures that the aesthetic compensation can last for a long time. For zirconium ceramics, the print and manufacture is computerized, which guarantees greater precision of the entire work. The edge of the non-metallic crown is perfectly precise, precisely because of the computerized processing, which aims at the perfect balance between the crown and the jaw.


The surface of the zirconium ceramic replacement does not have a microputin in its structure, which prevents colleting of deposits on the surface and their negative influence on the tissue. If you opt for zirconium ceramics, you will achieve uppermost aesthetic and functional effect, as well as maximum of personal satisfaction with your perfect smile.

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