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Gummy smile

Correction gummy smile involve extending the clinical crown of the tooth.

This correction is performed routinely in our country and there are two methods:

  • one is the use of lasers if needed minor correction,
  • second is a classic surgical - periodontal method if they need a larger correction.


Also,  these two methods  can be combined. What method will be used depends on the exact situation in your mouth, which is determined by dental examination by the oral surgeon. The time required for the intervention itself depends on the number of teeth that have undertaken length correction crowns. The average time is about 30-40 minutes.

Gummy Smile

"Gummy smile" is a congenital anomaly of gingival graft, in which during the smile part of the gingiva and gingival mucosa above the line are highly visible (highly visible right). The causes are low set merge of muscles that control the movement of the upper lip, and due to deficit hyperactivity disorder they withdraw the lip in a forced position. It may also be a consequence of the rapid growth of teeth in which overlapping of crowns gingival tissue, as a consequence of abnormalities in the development of the upper jaw. Visible gums during laughter are relatively common occurrence in patients. Such persons should be avoided, or, when they do, hand covering his mouth, which also is not common and can affect that these people feel uncomfortable in the company. Depending on the size of the gingival smile, we apply different procedures. The most commonly applied is treatment named gingivectomy (cutting and shaping of the gingiva) and the extension of the clinical crown of the tooth.

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