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About Dental Plaza

Professional and top class provision of all kind of dental services



Dentistry for the 21st century, following all world trends.


A modern dental practice with a clear vision and the goal of taking care of the health and needs of each patient, whether it's prevention or treatment. The approach we use can be felt upon visiting, which is painless and effective. Efficiency implies speed, safety and security.



In a pleasant ambient, we dedicate ourselves to our patients through modern programs and a wide range of dental services. We apply new generations of materials and new treatment methods, so that we can provide our patients with a level of service according to European standards. We are equipped with all in all approach to our patients, enabling them to receive all dental services in one place.



Dental Plaza has become synonym for professionalism with many years of experience in working with:


  • high-grade non-metallic crowns and venires,
  • implant installation,
  • modern and up to date implant prostheses,
  • using of CAD / CAM technology,
  • experts in aesthetic and restorative dentistry,
  • laser therapy,
  • computerized anesthesia that completely take away all the pain,
  • aesthetic fillings,
  • teeth whitening,
  • CAD / CAM facets,
  • surgical treatment of periodontal disease by incorporating fibrin transplants obtained from the patient's blood - PRF
  • orthodontics and endodontics


From its foundation to the present day our center has released a large number of satisfied patients, with a brilliant smiles on their faces. In the Dental Plaza office you can get all kinds of dental services, which follow all the most up-to-date world methods in this field and is using the best dental equipment and materials. The first appointment is FREE, when you will find out all about your dental problem, and at the same time get information about methods and ways how it can be resolved in the most efficient and painless way.


Our team of dentists will, at all times, provide you with the highest quality advice and the best solution for your perfect smile.


Very often we face a serious fear of a dentist, which was created many years ago when dentistry was not as developed as today. Therefore, after the first and painless examination, we like to talk to our patient and answer any question in details how everything would look from the beginning to the end of the treatment. Nowadays everything is possible and for each situation we find the best solution. It's only you that should let yourself go. You no longer have to hide your smile, it's time to enjoy it.


Each patient needs a different approach and attention, which, apart from the knowledge and experience we have, is very important. Our business philosophy is based on a professional and quality approach to each patient individually.

Thanks to constant professional development and application of modern equipment and materials, you will be offered the best solution in all areas of dentistry.

The clinic is decorated according to the high standards of private dental practice, so the pleasant ambience of the waiting room, kind and pleasing staff will make you feel relaxed, almost at home, and the very painless intervention, working with the best materials and above all a satisfied patient are our priorities.


The clinic has a fully equipped dental laboratory with all the necessary appliances, so it does not depend on other laboratories, but only dictates the pace of the work itself. The speed of completion is raised to a very high level and saves time for each patient, which in particular distinguishes us from most other dental practices.



It is necessary to be 2 days in Belgrade for implant installation intervention. On the first day, implants are installed and the next day the control is performed after 24 hours. The duration of the operation itself is from 15 min to 1 h and 30 min, depending on the number of implants that are implanted. After 3 months upon implantation, when the implant is unified with a jaw bone, a prosthetic part is made. It is necessary from 5 to 7 days of stay in Belgrade for the preparation of prosthetic parts on implants. For the production of all other types of prosthetics it is necessary to from 5-7 days of stay in Belgrade.



The services can be scheduled in the shortest time period, 24 hours a day. With a free appointment and modern diagnostics, you will receive advice on how to best deal with your health problem in accordance with your desires and abilities.



For patients living abroad, FREE TRANSPORT is provided from the airport and FREE ACCOMMODATION near the clinic, in the city center with the maximum COMFOR.

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