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The fear is the first emotion that occurs in the absence of pain. Its characteristic is an increased number of heart beats per minute, high blood pressure, sweating, nausea or discomfort in the stomach, a feeling of breathlessness, anxiety and trembling. It can be so pronounced that because of it we usually give up our visit to the dentist. It often occurs even before we have entered the dental office. During the whole procedure it is present to a greater or lesser extent.


Because of fear even less painful irritation is experienced as extremely painful and difficult to endure. Today it is possible to achieve the absence of fear during dental procedures, procedures conscious sedation.


Conscious sedation is designed for larger and heavier dental procedures (implants, surgery, extraction), as well as the interventions of longer duration.


Conscious sedation involves minimal reduction in the level of consciousness. The patient looks awake and conscious, open his eyes to the call even answer the questions, but is not aware of the flow of time, nor feel fear. In doing so you are not bothered by sounds, nor are you uncomfortable.



Before surgery, the patient who wants the procedure performed with conscious sedation must fill out a medical questionnaire. The health questionnaire makes a number of issues which assesses general health. Patients who meet the criteria are in the group of patients with normal or well-controlled systemic disease, and can take advantage of sedation. In addition, each patient receives written instructions which must be observed before the procedure with sedation.
Interventions for which you had to repeatedly visit the dentist (2-3 times) can now be done in one visit due to conscious sedation.

At the present time, conscious sedation, as such, is of growing importance in everyday dental practice. Increasingly in the world even it is applied for routine dental procedures.

Avoid stress and feel safe!


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