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Piezo surgery


Piezo surgery  is a revolutionary young branch of surgery that has led to great advances in dentistry, making it easier for working in surgery and handing much greater comfort for patients. Piezoelectric device is a new device that has been used in various branches of medicine and also for dentistry for over twenty years. It is owned by the best well-equipped clinics around the world.

Dental Plaza follows world trends and offers its patients only the best.


Benefits of piezo surgery are reflected in:

  • High precision and maximum intraoperative visibility
  • Minimal damage to soft tissue and bone loss
  • Protection of tooth structure
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Rapid healing.

Piezo apparatus is used for:

  • Non traumatic tooth extraction which preserves the maximum bone structure and reduces the stress in the procedure for patients
  • Taking bone transplants from a small area of the upper and lower jaw, to offset existing bone defect on the alveolar ridge and allow implant placement
  • Recting of the floor of the maxillary sinus (ie. sinus lift)
  • The expansion of alveolar bone of the lower jaw with the aim of creating the conditions for implant placement

The effect of piezo apparatus is based on piezoelectric and ultrasonic three-dimensional micro vibrations, without the use of rotary drills and milling machines, which represents a completely non traumatic method of processing bone and results in a much less postoperative swelling.


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