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The quality and reliability of our work confirms the guarantee on dental implants lasting 10 years ago. Each patient for each implant individually receives an international passport certificate with the exact description of the place where the implant was fitted and with the written serial number. A passport is an official confirmation of premium quality of manufacturers of implants.

Dental Plaza uses the latest materials and we cooperate with the best laboratories. Now everyone can afford a perfect smile!


In accordance with our high standards, Dental Plaza provides to its patients a free premium accommodation with 5 stars in the center of the Capital. We want your stay in Belgrade to be a memorable and relaxing experience. Residence time and completion terms.


For the intervention of insertion of implants it is necessary to single out two days in Belgrade. The first day implants are installed and tested on the following day within 24 hours. The duration of the operation is 15 min to 1 h 30 min, depending on the number of implants used. After 3 months from installation when implant is accreted with the bone prosthetic work is performed. To create prosthetic work on implants is necessary to allocate from 5 to 7 days in Belgrade. For doing all other types of prosthetic work it is necessary allocate 5 - 7 days stay in Belgrade.


With the advent of dental implants, so far unique metal-ceramic crowns, bridges and dentures go into the past. Today implants are completely changing philosophy of dentistry, becoming the inevitable method of reconstruction of lost teeth.




During last years, the number of patients, who instead of traditional crowns and bridges, opt for implants, is drastically increasing. A few years ago bridges were at an advantage, because the implants were not able to install in patient's jaw without the bone mass. . But new technologies in oral surgery have allowed the installation of artificial bone in atrophied jaws; thereby implants received the advantage over the bridges.




The procedure of installing a dental implant


A dental implant is composed of three parts:


  1. Titanium artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jawbone;
  2. Upgrades that screwed in titanium root;
  3. Crowns, which is set to upgrade.


In this way, the dental implant is substituting the lost tooth. Implant becomes a replica of the former tooth. The procedure to implant the tooth is simple. At the outset it is necessary to perform an X-ray of the jaw, in order to determine whether there is enough of bone mass in the jaw. If not, prior to implant surgery installing artificial bone is performed. The surgery of implant installation itself takes about 30 minutes. After completion of the surgery a patient is waiting for 3 months so that the implant can grow into the jawbone. Only after this period the patient comes back to his office where he has an implant screwed into upgraded structure (supra structure) and also prosthodontics is performed (crowns).


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