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Denture repair

Repair of prosthesis includes all procedures on damaged or unusable dentures in order to bring them into operation. Damage to the prosthesis may occur in the function (during mastication), negligence (pad when cleaning dentures), and due to an error in the planning of the skeleton and laboratory development, and causes distortion. Due to the distortion of the material is not fitted correctly to the mucosa and this leads to failure. One of the causes of damage to the prosthesis is also fatigue. Over time, dentures can become partially or completely unusable due to changes in the supporting tissues (tooth extraction, large resorption of the alveolar ridge, etc.).

Some damage can be repaired, but the technology of developing is so complex and long, that sometimes it is rational to make a new prosthesis. Procedure of repair is more or less easy, but it is only part of the obligations of dentists. Identifying and eliminating the causes that led to damage the denture is the most important part of the clinical phase. If you do not determine and remedy the causes of damage, repaired prosthesis will be in the same or a similar way very soon again damaged.


Repair of the denture base fracture

Repair fracture of the base is the most common intervention with victims of acrylic dentures. To the turn of the base often comes in the lower jaw (the base is much narrower, so it breaks easily). Fracture along the midline is usually caused by improper chamber due to resorption of the alveolar ridge.

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