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CAD CAM tehnology

In today's modern technology, we can safely say that there are no areas that it is not affected. With the help of CAD / CAM technology, your teeth can regain its radiant beauty and functionality


In today's time modern technology we can freely say that there are no areas that it is not affected. Examples of technology development in dentistry are numerous: a digital X-ray machines, laser applications, as well as CAD / CAM technology. Itself CAD / CAM technology does not represent a special type of ceramic material, but only a special way of processing already finished ceramic blocks. CAD-CAM is actually a process by which of the finished ceramic blocks, the process of milling, get ready crowns, bridges.

Finished ceramic blocks used to produce crowns and bridges

CAD / CAM, which is an abbreviation of dental Computer-Aided-Design / Computer-Aided-Manufacture, means the computer driven design and computer-guided inlays, on lays, crowns and bridges. Development of guidelines and technology went from the machine copy rototilling (copy milling) until completely computer-controlled systems with large base form of the tooth, which allowed the automatic production of crowns and bridges.

The process of making the crown of the ceramic block

The latest version, Cad Cam compared to previous systems also contains some improvements, such as new software, the use of ceramic finer grits which leads to less abrasion of the natural teeth, a larger selection of shades prefabricated ceramic blocks and the use of electric turbine, which allows better control as and greater precision machining of ceramics. These are actually the reasons for the growing popularity of this system at the present time.


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