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Ceramic veneers facets


Veneers or facets are thin porcelain parts, which are fixed to the front teeth. Facets are implanted in the following cases: when the teeth are small in size, due to the loss of natural color, tooth breakage or spoilage of anterior teeth. As with all-ceramic crowns, facets color is equated with the color of other teeth. On the other hand, white facets can be set, which achieves the effect of white teeth. Therefore facets are more popular way to get white teeth from bleaching. Facets are strong and very durable and can survive for 10-15 years.

Veneers (ceramic flakes)

Whether the position of the teeth  is a slightly altered or color is altered, these aesthetic shortcomings can be compensated by using of ceramic flakes (veneer box), which provide excellent aesthetic results. According to the model obtained by the outpouring of dental impression of the patient, flakes are made with the help of computers, which not only provides the most accurate measurement possible, but injects ceramics, and thus provides the highest possible accuracy in modeling veneer box. The special value of this method is that its application does not require aggressive grinding of teeth, but downloading of only very thin layer of enamel. Veneers are actually changing the natural tooth enamel, and thus can alter the color of teeth or make minor corrections of the position, size and general appearance of the teeth.

Metal free crowns

Another way to get white teeth is the installation of all-ceramic crowns and facets. After sanding and the impression taking, computational 3D scanning of brushed stump is done. Based on that in a real laboratory conditions prosthetic structure of superior quality and appearance is made. The duration of this treatment is 7 days. The advantages of metal-free ceramic crowns are that the color of the crown may be similar or identical to the color of other teeth. Unlike them, the color of ordinary crown with metal base cannot comply with the color of other teeth.

The use of metal ceramics is one of the latest trends in aesthetic dental rehabilitation. Our dental office applies the most current methods based on the use of metal ceramics - ceramic veneers and the ceramic crowns. Moreover, if the condition of the mouth and teeth of the patient permits, these services can be rendered completely within just one day.

Metal-free crowns and the bridges

When it comes to more extensive damage of teeth, a large number of seals, massive fillings or drastic change of tooth color due to endodontic intervention, this kind of aesthetic problems is solved by applying the most efficient metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges. You must also know that the free ceramics is used primarily for the beautification of smile, or for aesthetic intervention on the front teeth because they are not exposed to the greatest pressure from chewing. In addition, if only a single tooth is damaged, for obtaining full aesthetic effect rehabilitation of teeth in a pair is recommended (the two incisors, for example).

Porcelain crowns are also made with the help of computers, with the difference that over the basics, which consists of computer injected ceramics, dental technician using his hand adds a "cap" in the form of a stiffer layer of ceramic.

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