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Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

Although concerns about dental health of your toddler starts during pregnancy, we are confident that you should know the facts. First, it's time for the first dental visit by the appearance of milk teeth, and secondly, if you've already missed it and first cavities are formed, from the first experience with a dentist further wishes of the child for the next visit will depend. We sincerely recommend that the care about your children's dental health we take on ourselves. We have a lot of experience, knowledge and a willingness to do so. Of course, the success and need depend on your cooperation and assistance. We will teach you how to prepare the child for the first visit and what's what you should say to him/her, and what not. We know that only by our close cooperation even largest children's fears will be resolved.


Particular attention is given to the motivation of children to proper for oral hygiene and teeth hygiene, as well as for preventive fissure sealing of permanent teeth even their fluoridation, which prevents the possibility of developing the most common failures.


Fissure sealing  is performed at sixes (the first permanent teeth), which appear in the sixth year of life. These teeth have expressed bumps and pits (fissure) in the biting surfaces, and their cleaning is difficult and rapidly leads to failure. For these reasons, their watering is done ie. fissure filling with a liquid composite containing fluoride.


Fluoridation (fluoridation)  of the teeth is done twice a year, the procedure is simple, painless even interesting for children. Highly concentrated fluorine in the form of a gel is applied in a rubber bucket and administered in the mouth of the patient. This procedure takes 5 minutes.


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