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Composite facets

Under the veneering of teeth it is understood the application of the material in the front-visible side, especially on front teeth to correct their color, shape or position (and the therefore the mutual relations).

It is primarily cosmetic intervention, with the ultimate goal of achieving fairer appearance of teeth. Therefore, the veneering materials used aesthetic - composites and ceramics. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. The resulting effect is much better than the previous state of the teeth, and can be achieved by their completely natural look.

The veneer has biological justification if it is within the indicator, ie. where necessary and the possible - in order to improve the color, shape or position of teeth in cases where these aspects are disturbed. Mostly it is about some congenital anomalies in the development and the structure of enamel and / or dentin of the tooth, or in furtherance of a correction of minimum orthodontic problems, especially for a reduced free space between anterior teeth. Of course, if the space is bigger, veneering is contraindicated and access to orthodontic problem solving is harder.

Veneering of the teeth certainly achieves aesthetic effect that the patient wants - brighter teeth. Teeth veneering can be corrected in terms of obtaining volume and color, but as far as the size of the teeth, it means the infliction of composite materials sometimes on both cutting edges of anterior teeth is needed.

Veneering with composite materials belongs to the group of direct restorations, which means that it must be done in one visit, directly on the teeth. Duration of composite veneers, with good oral and tooth hygiene, is estimated from 5 to 7 years. In fact, over time the material is "spent", especially in places of friction in contact with the lower teeth, so it is necessary to carry out periodic corrections of composite veneers.


The advantages of composite facets are:

  • Less removal and the grinding of teeth, and in some places it is not necessary
  • The treatment is carried out in a single session, which may last from 1 to 4 hours
  • Composite facets are easily corrected in case of breakage - composite material is only added
  • In most cases when grinding teeth is not at all necessary, by spending facets materials do not come to the dentin (which can lead to the emergence of later sensitivity to hot and cold, sour, etc.), But leads to enamel and tooth is fully protected.


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